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Fast week wasn’t it! We hope that the clocks going forward didn’t cost you too much sleep this morning. We’ve only got some light reading in store anyway.

This week we hit 1,300 views on Facebook for Marks technique Tuesday video demonstrating how to perform a Cable Pull-Through. A fantastic exercise to build strength in the Glutes and Hamstrings. Here it is…….

We welcomed and said goodbye to Josh who was with the team 9am – 2pm each day last week for placement from St Paul’s Community College and he enjoyed his time with us and will turn 16 next week! So young! Hit like below to wish him a happy birthday 🙂

We also shared with you a blog post, calling bullshit, on 4 very common fitness phrases thrown around like confetti that have lost all meaning! Read it, it’ll explain it better than I can.

4 Fitness Phrases That Are Total BS

One last thing……..

We shared links to 2 TV shows, that unlike Operation Demotivation, are based on science moreso than entertaining the masses. The are Doctor in The House (TV3) and What Are You Eating on RTE1.

They are both available on the “Player” for each channel and are both on every Wednesday evening at 9pm. Record one, watch the other.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

The Spirit Team 😀

Mark Caulfield

Mark Caulfield PT Personal Trainer and Neuromuscular Physical Therapist based in Waterford, Ireland