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There’s an etiquette to lane swimming. This is it:

1 swimmer 🏊 – work away and enjoy! Keep an eye for others wanting to join the lane 🙄

2 swimmers 🏊🏊 – the 2nd swimmer must announce their presence by waiting at the end of the lane and asking to join the lane🙋The first swimmer should acknowledge them. At this point they can decide to swim side by side or clockwise if they are paced similar.

3 swimmers 🏊🏊🏊 – the 3rd swimmer must announce their arrival and the others must acknowledge their presence. At this stage all swimmers MUST swim clockwise and ideally be spaced about 1/3 of the lane apart and be of similar pace.

4 swimmers 🏊🏊🏊🏊 – A fight to the death is the only way to maintain order. Just kidding! If everyone is evenly paced and spaced, no problem. It’s all about communication and co-operation. The lifeguard may ask you to switch lanes for comfort, don’t be offended, it’s to make your swim as enjoyable as possible 😃

If you have to pass another swimmer, a tap on the foot can signal your presence. Not everyone will know this so make sure to let other swimmers know when joining the lane that this is what you may do. Be careful when passing too. Tighten up your stroke and be mindful of the other person.

Remember, just because you were there first doesn’t make it YOUR lane. Everyone has the right to swim at their own pace.

Following these guidelines will make it easier for everyone. Thanks for reading.

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Padraig O'Halloran

Manager of Spirit Leisure Centre