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Have you heard the rumour about high intensity training burning calories long after your workout? Us too…..

That begs the question; does training really boost metabolism?

Yes…….kind of…..temporarily…..and not by much.


To give it it’s official title Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) max’s out at about 10-15% of the total calorie burn of your workout and can last for 3-24 hours depending on a variety of factors.

Simply put, the more oxygen you consume during your workout, the higher your EPOC afterwards.

Higher intensity workout = greater effect on metabolism afterwards.

So will that burn extra calories??? Yes….but not a lot! Here’s an example:

If your H.I.I.T. workout burns 300 calories – your EPOC may be 30-45 calories. Big whoop right?

That same workout, 3 weeks later, when you are fitter and more efficient, burns 250 calories. Now your EPOC is 25-35 calories. Even less of a big whoop.

The more calories (oxygen) you use, the higher your “afterburn” effect will be and the longer it may last. The fitter you get, however, the less effect it has for a shorter time.


Walking or other relatively low intensity workouts will not produce EPOC as they don’t use enough oxygen. High intensity workouts like HIIT or strength training are best.


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Padraig O'Halloran

Manager of Spirit Leisure Centre