Fat Loss, Nutrition

Are you fed up wading through the never-ending “best” nutrition strategies?

Is your brain fried trying to figure out if you should go Keto, Paleo or Intermittent Fasting?

Even if you do fast, there’s so many different ways to do it!!!

My brain was fried too! Until I realised there was no perfect way. No easy solution or quick fix.


I see people on a daily basis who have read and heard so much information that they don’t know who or what to believe and with so many thing they could do, they end up doing nothing.

On the back of 2 successful nutrition seminars entitled Nutrition: Back To Basics 1 & 2 I decided to write this E-book to detail further the strategies that can have the “biggest bang for their buck” to provide you with long term change and, most importantly, long term health!

It’s for those people, just like YOU, that I’ve written this E-book for.

This E-book looks at the basics of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

It educates you about portion sizes, portion control and hydration.

There’s also a meal plan guide for you to print and use to improve meal times.



PS – Persons who attend my Nutrition for Fat Loss talk in Spirit Leisure Centre on Sept 6th at 7.30pm will receive this e-book FREE via email after the talk! You can buy tickets for my talk here >> NUTRITION TALK TICKETS

Padraig O'Halloran

Manager of Spirit Leisure Centre