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**The picture is NOT a Spirit advert**

Have you heard of body shaming or fat shaming? The process whereby one person makes another person feel ashamed of their weight/size?

Did you know that gyms (yep, places that should encourage and support) are body shaming all the f**king time!? Most probably don’t even realise.

Most associate body shaming with being mean to people who don’t look a certain way. Just because you do it sneakily with a picture of a good looking woman in tight clothes doesn’t mean it’s not the same.

The picture below is a perfect example (I’ve covered the gyms logo because a social media war isn’t what I’m going for here).


Are they selling buckets and shovels, cool boxes, a 6 pack of rolls and a 12 pack of tayto? Just me that gets ready for the beach like that?

Every “get fit for summer” or “bikini body” or “shredded abs” program, tagline or advertisement IS a form of body shaming. It will make somebody feel like shit.

Want a bikini body? Put on a bikini and go to the beach!! Simple. Who cares what anyone else thinks??!!

Yes, you should have a level of body fat that optimises your health and ability to live to the fullest 💪 and if you need to make changes that’s the reality, but you should never feel uncomfortable in your skin or feel shamed into making those positive changes.

If you mock someone by calling them stupid or dumb they don’t immediately start studying 📚 They feel down, pissed off and ashamed of themselves 😌

If you applied that logic we should send our staff to the city centre and tell everyone carrying a few extra lbs that they need to get beach ready. Imagine the looks we’d get!! 🙄 Imagine the reactions! But it’s ok to put it on a billboard?

How about this for a tagline:

Are you overweight and unhealthy? Is it affecting your quality of life and mental health? If you answered yes to either question we can help. Improve your health and quality of life in a supportive and friendly environment.

Bit long for a sign but you get the idea.

Get ready for LIFE.

Anyway, the only time someone looks that happy running on a beach is if they’re going to the shop to get an ice cream 😜

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Featured image courtesy of:

Padraig O'Halloran

Manager of Spirit Leisure Centre