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The standard Pallof Press is an anti-rotation core exercise which utilises a strength band, anchored to a fixed point, to provide resistance. In the attached video Mark demonstrates 3 ways to progress a standard Paloff Press.

  1. Increase Tension (or time under tension)

Slowing your rep tempo will provide added stress to your stabilising core muscles and force you to focus more on the quality of the movement instead of just quickly performing. A try a tempo of 5 seconds out, 5 second hold and a 5 second return for 15-10 reps each side over 2 sets and you’ll definitely FEEL it working!

2.  Half-Kneeling

For this progression, you’ll drop the knee closest to the anchor point onto the floor. This takes away the ability of your wide stance to stabilise the trunk and places the emphasis back on the hip and core musculature. A soft mat or pad under the knee is advised for comfort. The progressions used above can also be applied to this preogression before moving on to number 3.

3. Change the “Line of Pull” 

In the clip below Mark demonstrates an Overhead Press variation. In this case, instead of resisting rotation, you’ll resist flexion or leaning to one side. This places more of an emphasis on the Obliques. A lighter band is advised on this variation to begin with and emphasis on the quality of the movement over the band resistance. Try 3 sets of 10 reps each side to begin with. Superset with 30-40s of Side Plank if a real deep burn is what you’re after!

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Padraig O'Halloran

Manager of Spirit Leisure Centre