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  • D.O.M.S – A Right Pain In The…..

    D.O.M.S – A Right Pain In The…..

    If you have ever lifted weights before chances are, you have had DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) in your thighs, shoulders, ass, abs, practically everywhere! That feeling the day after a workout where a sneeze would cause you to shatter as if you were made of glass – that’s DOMS. The feeling when laughing hurts,

  • Marks Top 10 Fitness Tips

    Marks Top 10 Fitness Tips

    In my foray into radio on our WLR campaign I noticed that many of the questions being asked, albeit in different ways, were asking the same thing. People want to how how to drop body fat, increase fitness and the big one – MAINTAIN IT long term. So I wrote down my top 10 tips


    From my last blog post: WHY CALORIE DEFICIT DIETS DON’T WORK……….. “The burning question: If I can’t lose extra weight/fat by cutting calories or increasing exercise, how can I lose it?” Simple Answer: Maintain calorie intake but change the source (e.g. replace excess carbohydrates with protein/fats) and start weight training with the intention of building

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